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  • Elements
  • Temp: 63
  • Wind: Breezy
  • Sky: Partly Cloudy
  • Rain: None
  • Journey
  • Start: Mt. Devils Butt
  • Finish: Resurrection River
  • Destination: 4 Miles
  • Elevation: 2000 Feet
  • Estimated Time: 9 Hours
  • Actual Time: 8 Hours
  • Memories
  • Events: Tough bushwhack through Devils Club and Cow Parsnip, also referred to as “The Curse of the Trail.” Completed backpacking section of course and returned to basecamp for service project and gear cleaning.
  • Stories/Comments: Bushwhack was painful, but laughter kept morale strong. Joy, relief, and amnesia. Somehow I forgot how painful it was and I want to go back.